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About FreshAfric

FreshAfric is a company that is built on an old traditional values of integrity, service and hospitality to community through healthy and delicious food.

Growing up with her industrious grandmother, Stella helped in the kitchen to prepared various african dishes in her grandmother's local restaurant in her city.

Stella saw, at tender age,how her grandmother's restaurant was patronised by customers from all walks of life due to the healthy, delicious and tasty food it served. But most of all because of service and hospitality that her grandmother provided.

Over the years and since her migration to the Netherland, Stella spent her time perfecting the African dishes she has learnt to prepare from her grandma and served mostly to friends and acquitances- as she loves cooking.

With the belief that such healthy and delicious african dishes should be made available to all outside Africa and encouragement from family and friends, FreshAfric became a dream come true.

FreshAfric is the company by which 'Mamapie' (as Stella is lovely called by her friends) and her team strive to make healthy, delicious african dishes together with african service and hospitality available to all in Europe.

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Our Main Dish


Mountain grown paddy rice dough, steamed in mouthwatering shapes of african bread served with succulent chicken or beef stew of preference.


Ama vivi

Mixed vegetables tossed in hot pan lined with oil.

Koklo bo

Succulent chicken wings seasoned with Ewe traditional ingredients and grilled in charcoal oven.


Soft Beef, Sweet peper and Onions cut into bite-sized chunks. Grilled and tossed in vegetable oil.



We prepare our dishes with the utmost care and

Stella Quarshie - Founder & CEO

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